Creepy FAQ

Where do you ship?

We ship worldwide. The only restriction is the customs the package will go thru. If a K9 finds the rotten meat attractive enough, your package may be stuck there for dinner… Note that “non-organic” gifts will go thru custom without any problem but we cannot guarantee the deliveries that goes in another country.

Will the person I’m sending this “gift” will know it comes from me? 

Not by default. If you don’t provide such details in the “Personal note” field at checkout page, we will NOT include any information concerning you nor your order. Everything will seems to come from Creepy Gift only. So as long as you don’t say anything, we, neither will.

Can I send multiple items to multiple addresses within the same order?

No. You really have to make a different order for each shipping address you want to send something. Once your account is created, it is very easy to make an order.

If I changed my mind or if my boyfriend is finally nice with me, can I stop the order and get a refund?

The short and sweet answer is: No. Once the payment has been made, the process is on and everything on order will be executed as planned exactly as you ordered.