Shit Scented Birthday Card

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Shit Scented Birthday Card

The Shit Scented Birthday Card will surely gets the message delivered as it should. HAPPY SHITTY BIRTHDAY!

We pick a random gift card and add a joyful shit perfume to it. The lucky person who will open it will know right away that somebody “really care” about her feelings… The “sweet” shit perfume will reveal itself as soon as the birthday card is opened and let everyone around smell it too!

Tell this special person you how you feel about her with the Shit Scented Birthday Card and get the results you expect!

Note: The package is sent on our behalf but we will never include your information nor address. The only thing we shall include with the box is the “personnal note” you might write in the proper field at checkout.

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Dimensions 25 × 20 × 1 cm


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